Media Accreditation

Media accreditation enables journalists to register for Bellmonte Life. It is awarded on an event basis. Media requesting registration for an event who do not already hold accreditation have the opportunity to apply for it as part of the registration process. All events are listed in this website. To request media registration and accreditation please contact us at Journalists should however note that not all events are open to media.

Accreditation requests should be accompanied by sufficient evidence of affiliation or association with a formal media organization (i.e., a legally registered private or public corporation or non-profit organization.) Journalists whose work is not published online are required to provide three by-lined reports published or broadcast by a formal media organization within the past year. These documents can be sent in PDF format as part of the registration process.

Bellmonte Limited reserves the right to refuse or revoke accreditation at any time.

Please be advised that Bellmonte Limited does not prepare any kind of visa letter or offer any other kind of visa support for media.

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